Houston Costumed Characters Options for Children's Birthday Parties

Excellent Superhero Costumes -Prop Driven Superhero Training -Knowledge of the Super Hero Characters -Theme Props for Action Photos-I.D. Card for Birthday Child -Hero Kit for Birthday Child -Rings for guests to share-Sing Happy Birthday by your Cake

Big Cat Hero

Ready for Action!


I.D. Card ceremony, Superhero training, & Awesome Props for Photos. Hero Kit Gift Bag & rings for the Guests.

Awesome sculpted Costume


Shaped muscles, hard Helmet mask, & Metal Claws

Strike a Pose


Grab of Spear or Sheild... it's Time for Photos

Rhino prop from the Avoid the Rhine Game


One of a Kind Theme games like the Armored Rhino, Knock over Thanos' Gauntlet, & the Wakandan Shield.

Spears & Shield


One of a Kind Superhero Training games & Props

Cross the Swamp


Cross the Swamp  while you avoid the Creatures along the Path.

Battle Call

Great Group of Warriors

Test your Reflexes

Too Slow

Big Cat Intro

Houston Heroes Assemble at this Child Birthday Party. Houston costumed characters are available for for great Party appearances.