Block Party Mascot Characters for Houston Birthday Celebrations

Ninjago and the Lego Movie mascot characters for rent at a child birthday party in Houston, Texas
-Believable Block Party Mascot Character costumes
-Voices that sound as much like the character as possible
-Knowledge about the characters
-Play Everything is Awesome
-Interactive and prop driven activities
-A prize bag for the Birthday Child
-Rings for the Guests to share
-Photo opportunities while you take pictures
-Singing Happy Birthday by your cake.
-These characters are accompanied by a human helper wearing our
company uniform during the visit.

-Pictures & Happy Birthday song are done within the time frame you select.
-Pictures below are of the actual mascot costumes.
-Travel Fees may be added depending on the party location.
-Some Areas may require a minimum package.

Join these mascot pals for games like
Dress Unikitty, Cap on the Kragle, & Block Toss.
Pictures & Singing by the Cake.
Birthday child gets a Gift bag & rings to share with their Pals.

Everything is awesome dance with our Block hero emmet party

Hire our mascot costumed character for your Houston birthday with a great costumes and great games

Ninja Block mascot hero at a Woodlands Birthd

Our green ninja go mascot superhero party character sings happy birthday  at Ninja Warrior kids course in the Woodlands for a child's celebration

Houston block hero happy birthday song with our mascot

Hire our mascot party character for the happy birthday song for your child with our block hero