Pig Mascot Birthday Party Houston Costumed Characters

-Believable Mascot costumes
-Voices that sound as much like the character as
-Knowledge about the characters
-Interactive and prop driven activities
-A prize bag for the Birthday Child
-Rings for the Guests to share
-Photo opportunities while you take pictures
-Singing Happy Birthday by your cake.
-These characters are accompanied by a human
helper wearing our company uniform during the visit.

-Pictures & Happy Birthday song are done within the time
frame you select.
-Pictures below are of the actual costumes.
-Travel Fees may be added depending on the party location.
-Some Areas may require a minimum package.

Join these mascot pals for games like Mud puddle hop,
Grandpa's Garden, & feed the ducks some bread.
The last 10 minutes we take time for Pictures, & Singing by
the Cake.
Birthday child gets a Gift bag & rings to share with their

British Pig mascot Houston Costumed Character

Everyones Favorite Pig


Hire this fun loving mascot pig party character. She does a good voice, a great costume, awesome theme games, & beautiful photos.

Find George's Favorite Toy


Keep your eyes peeled and help this mascot party character find the Toy Dinosaur at your birthday.

Sing Happy Birthday by Your Cake

Sing Happy

Save time towards the end of your visit to sing by your Cake. This mascot pig has a great voice for your Houston kids birthday party.

Feed Bread to the Ducks


After a great picnic, we love to feed the ducks. Can you help at your Houston birthday party? A kids birthday party is super important to your little one. Our Houston costumed characters can make your child birthday party extra special with a great costume, a great voice, & awesome theme games.

Pick some Pretty Flowers


This little piggie loves picking flowers, Do you like fun birthday party games at your special Houston event.

Awesome Photo Banner


When you hire this Mascot pig for 45 minutes or 1 hour the light up banner will come with this awesome pig party character in Houston.

Pig Party Fun

Watch this mascot party character bring her favorite muddy puddles to your child's Houston birthday party.

Houston Mascot Pig Greeting

This mascot pig party character knows how to make new friends feel welcome at your Houston child's birthday event.

Happy Birthday to You in Huffman

British pig costumed character mascot sings Happy Birthday to a new friend in Huffman, Texas.

This mascot party character needs your Help

Help this costumed character mascot find her brothers' favorite toy at your child's Houston birthday party.

Splash in the mud puddle with 3 mascot party characters

Hire our mascot party characters for your Houston birthday events for great theme games like splashing in mud puddles like the British pig, police dog, and the poke pal.