Super heroes, Mascots, Princesses, & Holiday Costumed Characters for Birthday Parties in Houston

We offer Awesome Costumes with many Bells & Whistles, Interactive Prop Driven theme related Games  & Activities, and Photo Props that will make your Birthday Party Memories last Forever. A child birthday party is made even better with our Superhero Characters in Houston, our Mascot characters in Houston, our Princess Characters in Houston, and our Holiday Characters in Houston.

Hire our kids costumed characters for your Houston children's birthday party of special event.

Thanks for your interest in Our Costumed Characters. We offer Awesome Costumes, Voices, Games, & Photo Props available for your Child's Birthday Party in Houston.

Why would You choose a Party Character Company that doesn't offer Costume add ons like lights, motors, pulleys, and Realistic Accessories. 

Our Costumed characters Play Awesome interactive prop driven games that relate to your Theme.

Our characters also bring Great Photo Props to create Super Memories.

Pick Houston's Kids Party Experts!

Costumed Character Party Options

Super Hero Birthday Party Characters

EVERY KID WANTS SUPERHERO TRAINING. Houston birthday party entertainment for children birthday fun

-Excellent Superhero Costumes
-Prop Driven Superhero Training
-Knowledge of the Super Hero Characters
-Theme Props for Action Photos

-I.D. Card for Birthday Child
-Hero Kit for Birthday Child
-Rings for guests to share

-Sing Happy Birthday by your Cake

Mascot Birthday Party Characters

Houston mascot costumed character plays a game involving a birds nest with the birthday girl.

-Believable Mascot costumes
-Voices that sound as much like the character as possible
-Knowledge about the preschool characters
-A helper for a smooth Mascot party
-Interactive and prop driven activities
-A prize bag for the Birthday Child
-Rings for the Guests to share
-Photo opportunities while you take pictures
-Singing Happy Birthday by your cake.

Princess Birthday Party Characters

Every little girl; loves princesses. Houston princess parties need awesome games to play- we have it

-A helper for a smooth Princess party
-Princess Music with each Package
-A Crowning Ceremony for your Princess
-Prop Driven Theme Games
-A prize bag for the Birthday Princess
-Rings for the Guests to share
-Photo opportunities while you take pictures
-Singing Happy Birthday by your cake