Heroes of Justice Packages for your Houston child birthday party


Excellent Superhero Costumes -Prop Driven Superhero Training -Knowledge of the Super Hero Characters -Theme Props for Action Photos-I.D. Card for Birthday Child -Hero Kit for Birthday Child -Rings for guests to share-Sing Happy Birthday by your Cake

Heroes of Justice

King of the Sea


Hire this Superhero for your Houston birthday Party. Awesome textured Costume, Great Theme Games, & 6 foot Metal Trident

Bat Hero


Rent this superhero for your child's special day we do superhero parties right. Functional utility belt, Resin helmet, solid body armor, awesome theme games, and super photo props

Red Runner


Awesome solid body armor, cool theme games, and Super photo ops.

Princess Warrior


Learn superhero training from the best. Use the lasso, use the bracers, & take some awesome birthday party pictures.

Awesome theme Games


You need more than a costume to have a great birthday party. You need super cool activities to capture the party kids' attention.

Add Some Pals


Bring in some Teen Heroes for a discounted Rate.

Sea King Superhero party Character

See the King of Atlantis in 360 view- He is perfect for your kids' special day i8n Houston

What's in your Utility Belt?

Just a sample of how we are Better. Our Houston costumed characters are simply the Best. Kids Party Experts brings the most options to your child birthday party.

Superhero by the Dancing water fountain

This sea king loves the water fountain in Houston

Superhero Birthday Party Characters Unite for Happy Birthday

Rent party characters for kids in Houston with great costumes, awesome theme games, and lasting memories