Houston Shark Baby


Your Kids Love The Song

We play the song at the Beginning and Half way through the Visit.

We Play Ocean Related Games

Feed the Shark, Ring around the Squid, Lobster claw the Octopus & dolphin, & Jelly fishing.

The Shark baby mascot has a Gift Bag 4 the Birthday Child & Rings 2 Share


Ocean Themed Games the Kids will Love at their Houston Birth

Watch this shark baby sing and dance to his popular song

This mascot costumed character shark baby in Houston dances to his popular song with new friends in Houston for a birthday party

Shark Baby sings Happy Birthday in Pasadena Video

This shark baby Houston mascot costumed character sings Happy Birthday at a special celebration.

Houston Shark Baby

Rent this shark baby mascot for your child birthday party in the Houston area with a great shark costume, singing, dancing, & theme games. Houston children's entertainment for birthday parties that will be remembered

Houston Baby Shark character

Hire this Shark Baby to sing, dance, play theme games, and pass out prizes to the kids at your child's birthday party in Houston.