Rent these troll mascot party characters for your child's Houston birthday party with fun & games

Troll party characters in Houston for a child birthday party celebrations

-Believable Mascot party characters costumes
-Voices that sound as much like the troll party character as possible
-Knowledge about the characters
-Interactive and prop driven activities
-A prize bag for the Birthday Child
-Rings for the Guests to share
-Photo opportunities while you take pictures
-Singing Happy Birthday by your cake at your child birthday party
-These characters are accompanied by a human helper wearing our company uniform during the visit.
-Pictures & Happy Birthday song are done within the time frame you select.
-Pictures below are of the actual costumes.
-Travel Fees may be added depending on the party location.
-Some Houston Areas may require a minimum package.

Join these mascot pals for games including the tree prop  when you book 45 minutes or longer like
Picking Trolls from the mini tree, for games in the tree prop like picking trolls from the tree,
knock over the Chef with Rollerskate, & building a bird's nest.catch butterflies, & the flower
Pictures & Singing by the Cake.
Birthday child gets a Gift bag & rings to share with their Pals

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Trolls Love to Sing


Save Time to Sing by the Birthday Cake

Trolls Love New Friends


Kids Ask the Best questions- Our Characters have the Best Answers

Awesome Prop Driven Games


This Tree Prop comes with the 45 minute and 1 Hour Visit

Say Cheeeese- It's Picture Time


Strike a Pose Troll Pals

Cake is Trolls Favorite Food


Make a Wish, but Don't Tell Anyone your Wish

Give A Ways included


The Birthday Child gets a Gift bag and Rings to Share with the Guests