Houston Costumed Characters Superhero Birthday Party Packages

Excellent Superhero Costumes -Prop Driven Superhero Training -Knowledge of the Super Hero Characters -Theme Props for Action Photos-I.D. Card for Birthday Child -Hero Kit for Birthday Child -Rings for guests to share-Sing Happy Birthday by your Cake


Popular Super Heroes

Captain USA


Great Costumes

Iron Hero


Great Games

Big Green Hero


Awesome Pictures

Orange Rock Hero


One of a Kind Options

Winter Hero


Awesome Sidekicks

Claw Hero


Awesome Built in Costume Special Effects

Funny Hero


Action & Comedy

Ghost Hero Rider


Memorable Superhero Characters

Tree Hero


Knowledge of the Characters & stay in Character

Star Hero


Props to Increase the Real Feel of our characters

Awesome Theme Games


Always adding new games to Blow your Kids Minds

Cross the Quick sand


Moving Parts & many Things to Look For

Have this Green Goliath at your Houston Birthday Party

This big green superhero is ready to train at your Houston Birthday Party

Walking Iron

Walk the Line

Pranster super hero ready for your Houston party

This prankster is waiting for the elevator with this sentinal Head


Check out this great video

Funny Hero

Check out this great video


Houston costumed characters are a Great way to make the special day even better for your child. We do our best through Great Costumes, games, and props to make your child birthday party memorable.

Pranster super hero boomerang at Comicpalooza

Ready for trouble at your child's Houston birthday Party with great costume, games, & props.

Walking the streets of Houston before the Superhero training

Superhero rentals of party characters for your Houston celebrations

Our Big green superhero will bring fun to your Houston Party

This superhero costumed character will be super memorable for your Houston Birthday Party

Hero of Iron Superhero in Pearland sings Happy Birthday

Houston superhero party characters sing Happy Birthday in Pearland like the Iron Hero Here