Power Hero superhero birthday party characters in Houston


Excellent Superhero Costumes -Prop Driven Superhero Training -Knowledge of the Super Hero Characters -Theme Props for Action Photos-I.D. Card for Birthday Child -Hero Kit for Birthday Child -Rings for guests to share-Sing Happy Birthday by your Cake

Red power Hero

Awesome Costume, Games, & Photo Props


It's Time to train yourself on Balance, on Aim, on Quick reflexes, & Speed

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Action Shot


Samurai Hero is Ready for Training your Houston Birthday Party

Strike a Pose Young Hero


Awesome memorable photo ops with your birthday party characters in Houston. When choosing a child birthday party choose the great costumes , great theme games, & awesome photos.

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Play awesome interactive prop driven activities. These are things your kids want to do with a hero

Kids Party experts has a New Superhero Training Cart

Watch the red power superhero character by our new superhero training cart with built in games for Houston birthday party.  Hire our power hero red for your Houston birthday party celebration like this picture at the marquee pump it up with cool props and games 

Red Space Hero explains why He is at the Birthday Party

Rent our red ranger to teach your Houston children's party guests to protect the City at your Birthday

Power sword time at pump it up at the Marquee Superhero

Power hero takes awesome pictures with kids  with swords at pump it up Marquee for party characters for birthday parties

Happy Birthday from your Superhero party character pal

Superhero for hire at your birthday party in Houston at pump it up Marquee with great games