Houston costumed characters like these Superheroes create Great Fun

Excellent Superhero Costumes
-Prop Driven Superhero Training
-Knowledge of the Super Hero Characters
-Theme Props for Action Photos-I.D. Card for Birthday Child
-Hero Kit for Birthday Child
-Rings for guests to share-Sing Happy Birthday by your Cake

Transforming Robots

Blue & Red Robot


Houston birthday party kids love this hero. 7'6'' /  Motorized Radar Dish / Moving Mouth / Lights in 4 Locations

Yellow Hero Robot


Hire this Robot for your Houston Superhero Party. 6'6'' / Plasma Ball Blaster / Spinning Blade / Lights in 4 Locations 

Awesome Memorable Games


Superhero Training like Don't sound the Alarm, Move the Energon, Diffuse Megatron's Bomb, & Find the Autobot with the Periscope.

Great Give a Ways


Included in your Birthday Party Visits for the Birthday Child-

Laminated I D Card, Hero Kit Gift Bag, & Rings to Share

Imagine the Possibilities


Super cool Birthday Party characters for your Children & their Friends 

Cross The Lava


Crossing the Lava at the Rock the Spectrum Kid's Gym near I-10 and Wirt Rd.

memorable birthday parties in Houston Made Here

Our robot party character superhero mascot is great for a memorable birthday party in Houston

Yellow Robot

Watch the Yellow Robot at this Houston child birthday party. Our Houston costumed characters are the best, just look.

Cheetos Fingers and plasma balls superhero Party Fun

Our yellow robot mascot party character has many cool add ons like a plasma ball, spinning blade, autobot logo light, head lights, eye lights, and more for your Houston birthday party

Red & Blue Robot

Gaze upon his Awesomeness

Happy Birthday to Anthony

Rent this huge mascot superhero character for your child's birthday party in Houston. Cool lights, rotating blade & missiles, & plasma ball. Houston birthday parties are even better when you hire a costumed character from Kids Party Experts.

The Sign of the Autobot

Time to Scan the New Leader before the super hero training begins. Houston birthday parties are awesome when you add this yellow robot superhero mascot. Kids love the lights, moving parts, plasma ball, super awesome party games, and cool props for photos.

Houston Superhero party Robot Car Happy Birthday Pearland

Watch the superhero mascot party character robot sings Happy Birthday in Pearland Texas