Houston Costumed Characters Turtle Packages


Excellent Superhero Costumes -Prop Driven Superhero Training -Knowledge of the Super Hero Characters -Theme Props for Action Photos-I.D. Card for Birthday Child -Hero Kit for Birthday Child -Rings for guests to share-Sing Happy Birthday by your Cake-

Kraang prop comes with the 1 hour or longer visit

Turtle Heroes

2 are Better than 1


Have these 2 Brothers Train your Child in the way of the Hero

Old School Power


Hide the Pizza- These Heroes have an Appetite ...

for Crime Fighting

Adults Love us Too


Mom gets her Picture with these 2

Updated Version


One of a Kind Shells, formed solid muscles, & moving Mouths

Great Interactive Games


It's Time to Work on  your Aim!

Target Practice

Incredible Theme Games


Our Games come straight from the Shows. Games your kids will love for their Houston Birthday Party

Turtles love Houston Birthday Parties, Cake, & Pizza

Celebrating with the hero leaders in Houston by the birthday cake.

Expanding Bo Staff

Check out this great video from our pal in the Purple Mask

Pizza Face Spotted in the Area

Our Turtle Leader looking out in the Woodlands

Just 2 Brothers Looking for the Kraang

Heroes on the Half Shell

Stay Back Bro

Around and around they go. Houston costumed characters are a great choice for a kids birthday party. When selecting Houston child birthday party entertainment, choose Kids Party Experts

Superhero Turtle mascot character loses cart in Humble

Our mascot party character loses the game cart at the showbiz cinema in Humble. The wind can work against us

Our superhero turtle mascot character spins the nunchuks

Showbiz cinema in Humble celebrates a birthday party with our mascot superhero party character shows the tools of justice