Kids Party Experts in Houston Video Page

We offer so many Costumed Characters for Houston Birthday Parties. Superheroes,  Mascots, Princesses, & Holiday Characters.  Here are few we have for you to look at. You can Watch our Character videos all day if you would like, just Click on the Link Below to see Many, Many More.

Watch the mascot hat cat teach how to get Thing 1 & 2

Our Houston mascot party costumed character teach Fresno children how to catch Thing 1 & 2 at a child's birthday party.

These Famous mice know how to Sing Happy Birthday in Houston

These Fun loving Mice are available to sing & dance at your Houston mascot birthday party. Costumed characters are not all created equally. Choose a company that does great voices, has great costumes, great theme related games, and memories that will last. Book Today

Houston mascot costumed character ready to Play

Great Voice, Great Games, Great costumed character mascot super plumber brothers. He is discussing the use of the ghost catcher like in Luigi's Haunted Mansion

Yellow Robot superhero costumed character to your Birthday

These yellow robot will play awesome games, does strong voice, & brings great photo props to your Houston Birthday Party. Here he is explaining why he is at the party to train the birthday child & his Guests.

Green Ninja sings Happy Birthday in Houston

Our mascot costumed character love to sings at Houston birthday parties

This Incredible Dad knows how to Sing

Rent this mascot superhero costumed character for your kid's birthday party in Houston. He brings awesome interactive prop driven games- Book us Today.

Children's Birthday Party Entertainment in Houston at it's Best

Red Furry Monster Mascot loves to Dance

Houston birthday parties are made for fun, games, & dancing... just watch him go. Mascot costumed characters made Houston children's birthday parties way more memorable

Turtles Brothers Talk about the Kraang

These superhero costumed characters know how to bring some excitement to your child's Houston Birthday Party. They have awesome costumes, awesome games, & awesome photo props- Hire them Today

Mascot costumed character sings at Houston Birthday Party

The world's most famous purple dinosaur is available to entertain at your Houston costumed character birthday party. Talks like the real thing and plays games like the real thing. When it's time to choose the best the Houston children's entertainment industry has to offer, choose Kids Party Experts for an experience you won't forget. Book Today

Special Message from Our Giant Robot

Rent this superhero costumed character for your child's birthday party. Awesome voice, super awesome costume, awesome theme games, awesome photo props, & memories for a lifetime- book us today

Feline Hero Mascot Character for Houston Birthday Party

This superhero mascot costumed character loves to train kids on how to stop bad guys at Houston children's birthday parties. Comes with great games, Great Costumes, & great Fun.

Yellow Pals Dancing the day Away

Rent these 2 mascot costume characters for your kid's birthday party in Houston. Make the day special great voices, great costumes, great games, & great photo props- Book us Today

Dancing Police Dog

Houston kids love mascot costumed characters. Our mascot costumed characters have great costumes, great themed games, & great fun for birthday parties

Underwater friends teach Houston kids how to make a Treat

These 2 mascot costumed characters teach kids at a Houston birthday party how to make the greatest treat in all the ocean. The costumed characters talk in voices at kids birthday party, have awesome costumes, play awesome theme related games at child birthday party, & Kids Party Experts in Houston bring an experience like no other to your birthday child & his friends. Book Today

This Superhero tells what he keeps in his utility belt

What makes is better are the little things we do to make your Houston superhero birthday party better and more believable for your birthday child and his friends on his special day. We want to provide awesome 1 of a kind costumes with extras like the functioning utility belt this Dark hero wears when fighting crime. There is only 1 costumed character company that goes the extra mile. Awesome costumes, awesome games, & awesome photo props. Book today

This Mascot is Shocking

Hire this mascot costumed character for your child's birthday party in Houston. Party entertainment with good voice, good costume, & great games- Book us Today

This Cat Has Quite a Hat & a singing Voice

Hire this mascot costumed character made famous by the book. He will bring a lot of excitement in that hat of his. Great voice, great costume, great theme related games, & memories that will last forever

Houston Superhero birthday party panther black spear work.

When it comes to superheroes ready to save your Houston birthday party from boredom you can't do better than this one here. He comes with awesome games and props like the spears he is using in this video. Hire him for your costumed character needs for superhero loving kids in Houston, he won't disappoint. 

Houston Mascot British Pig sings Happy Birthday

Hire a Mascot costumed characters who is ready to make new friends, play exciting theme related games, & sing Happy Birthday. Our Little Piggie does a Great Voice, play awesome games, & loves singing Happy Birthday by your Cake.